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Bernadette Demegillo
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
HIIIII EVERYONE!!!! . XD I'm Bernadette Demegillo. I'm just a simple weird and cray-cray girl from the other dimension.. LOL I'm just kidding. XD Other than drawing, I also enjoy dancing and playing weird and random stuff like rolling over the floor because of boredness (though i only do that at home) or climbing up through houses. XD (I did that when i was at high school when i was watching a parade.)

Anyways to Sum it up....

Full Name: Bernadette Tadle Demegillo

Birthday: December 18, 1996

Elementary: Buting Elementary School

High School: San Joaquin-Kalawaan High School

College: RTU (Rizal Technological University) BSED - Computer Education

Hobbies: Drawing, Dancing, Doing awesome yet weird stuff.

Likes: Watching some old animes and also new ones but, i don't watch much. XD


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Here are my 'SO CALLED' Nicknames.....
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"Filipino Rocks!!! Woop! Woop! :iconlaplz:"


ASTIG AKO!!!!!! ECHOS LANG!!! XD :iconfav3dplz:


  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Listening to: Jiyuu no Tsubasa (Attack on Titan)

"Youth Spell"

Plot: 'Star accidentally cast a youth spell on herself turning her into a 6yrs. old. Now, Marco has to deal with her hyperness while trying to find a cure to the youth spell in the magic instruction book. Meaning, he has to use the wand. But, evil still lurks in every corners of the place that would input Star in to one heap of danger. It was up to Marco to protect her and the wand from the forces of evil. But, he did not expect the troubles that would happen after he got his hands in the most powerful thing in the whole universe.'

Hello Everyone! So this is my very first fanfic. Positive and negative comments are allowed.

~Apparently this fanfic was suppose to be just a headcanon that I posted on tumblr a month ago. They recommend me that I should write a fanfic about it. It really is my first time making a fanfiction. I was too scared that my story will end in a disaster because I'm not really good at writing stories, especially when I sometimes have trouble with grammar. (First language: Filipino, Second Language: English). But still, I appologize in advance if ever my grammar is pretty bad. Anyways, I hope you'll like my fanfic. OOOOH! I DO HOPE SOOO! T-T

~Starco One Shot~ yeah yah heard me… I'm huge starco fan…

Chapter 1: "Accident"

(No ones POV)

At Echo Creek Academy...

Star and Marco were walking down the hallways and are walking towards their lockers since at that day, the classes were already over. After they got their things out their lockers, they started walking towards home. While walking, Star noticed all the posters that were pasted on the school walls. She stopped for a second and tries to read the posters.

"Hmmm... ' Attention to all populars and non-populars! A grand celebration is being held for Brittney Wong for winning the 'Best Cheerleader Award' of the month. All are invited to the most expected, fanciest, and most awesome party. And by mean 'ALL' we mean only the popular people can attend. This means you Star Butterface. See you all there!'"

Star then steps back from the poster and puts his finger under her chin. "Hmm.. A party huh..." She said with a giant grin on her face.

She then ran towards Marco then grabbed his arm. "MARCO!"
This made Marco startled and stared at Star. "What!? What is it? Monsters? Aliens!? What?"

"What? No silly! I was just gonna ask if you have something planned out this weekend?"

"Not really." he said as he and Star continued walking.

"That's great! We can go to Brittney's party this Sunday! If you don't mind going there!" she made a smile.

Marco stopped walking and shakes his hands in front of Star.

"What? Nonononononono... I am not going to that party. Haven't you read the poster? 'Populars' are only allowed on that party. And we already had that little 'incident' from her party bus remember?"

"Oh... Right.. But, we can still try asking her in person if we can come to the party!" she then made a quick stop followed by Marco.

"Speaking of Brittney.." she pointed out Brittney not far away from them.

"There she is! Perfect timing! Let's go ask her now!" she then hops in excitement.

"But Star, she-" Marco was interrupted when Star grabbed him by the wrist and started dragging him with her towards Brittney.

Brittney at that moment was walking towards her locker accompanied by a group of cheerleaders complementing her and her award, when she saw Star and Marco walking towards her, making her expression in an irritating state.

"Ugh! Star Butterface and Barfo Diaz? What do you want?" Brittney crossed her arms.

"Hey Brittney! It's nice to see you-" she was interupted. "I'm not!" added by Marco with an annoyed face.

"We (Marco: Not Me!) were wondering if we can come also to your celebration party?" she said with a smile.

Brittney paused for a second and let out a laugh.

"Ahahaha! Seriously? You wanted to come to my private party? Sorry but, only people with invitation cards are allowed to come"

Star then shook her head, "Oh.."


Star then raised her head head up with glee, "Unless what!?"

"Unless, if you look more appealing then I'll let you in to the party" she said with a smirk.

"But, what's wrong with the way I look right now?" asked Star innocently.

"Uhh... News Flash Star! Those legwarmers are so out of season! And those devil horns? Ugh! Just terrible!" Brittney siad in disgust.

At that time, Star was wearing her sky blue dress, with light blue legwarmers.

"So, I don't look appealing in this outfit?"

"Uhh... Duh! You look so old wearing that! I can't bring an old lady to my private party!" she said coldly.

"Oh.." Star then looks at Brittney's appearance and back at hers.

"So, if I look more appealing then, I can come to the party?"

"That's what I said" said Brittney with a smirk.

"Then, challenge accepted! I'll look more appealing before the party! You'll see!" she said with determination.

Marco suddenly put his hand on her shoulder then walked beside her and whispered in concern, "But Star, she's just gonna trick you with some of her pranks to make yourself bad in front of everyone else. She's like your #1 mortal enemy at school! Do you even notice that?"

"Oh don't be ridiculous Marco! She won't do that... I think?" she said doubtedly.

"So, we have a deal then?" Brittney then pulls out her hand for a handshake.

Star thinks for a moment about what Marco said but made her decision.

"Deal!" Star then shook her hand with hers. After the handshake, Brittney then wiped her hand on a towel. Disgusted that she just had a handshake with her rival.

"Good! I'll see you at the party Star Butterface!" she then flips her hair on Star's face then walks away with the other cheerleaders.

~Near the Diaz's Residence~
(Marco's POV)

Star and I are almost at the house. Star couldn't stop thinking about the party and what she's gonna wear for that so called 'awesome' party of Brittney. She keeps telling me to come along but, I kindly told Star that I refused to go to that witch's party. Y'all heard me... 'witch'. I felt bad vibes everytime we run across that Brittney Wong. As if she has this undeniably witch aura. I shivered by just the thought of it. I'm still concerned about Star's decision on that 'asking-to-be-in-the-party-turning-into-a-dare-thing'. What if she tries to humiliate her infront of everybody? I decided to confront Star as we reached the door of the house.

"Hey, Star?"

"Hmm? What is it Marco"

"I don't think this is such a good idea. I feel like you should back out on that deal."

"You kidding me? I ain't back'n out. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and Brittney to know more about each other." She said with glee. She opened the door then we went inside the house. I just watch her skipping up the stairs.

"You have no idea Star" I thought as I let out a little sigh.

I know I don't trust Brittney but... As long as Star is happy with her decision, then I'm happy too. And if something went out of order, I'll be there for my Best Friend.

~In Star's Room~
(Star's POV)

I quickly went inside my room and drop my bag on my bed and went towards my closet. I'm trying to find an outfit that is more 'appealing' according to Brittney. I put all of my clothes in my bed to look for the perfect outfit for the party. It's already been an hour since I first started searching for the right clothes. Sadly I haven't got any luck. So, I tried to dig inside my treasure chest of clothes. As I continued searching, I heard a voice calling out my name.

"Star! It's time for dinner!" it was Mrs. Diaz. Wow! It's dinner time already? How long have I been in my room? I stared at my buttefly shaped wall clock. It was already 7:00 p.m..

"Just a sec Mrs. D!" I yelled in reply as I continued to shovel through my piles of clothes. I still had no luck. All of my clothes are just not good enough. Am I this bad at fashion?


I looked behind to see who it was. It was Marco with his arms crossed and was leaning back at the door.

"What are you doing? Look at this mess!" he said as he pointed out... my whole room.

"Sorry Marco! I'll take care of that later. But first, I have to search for the right clothes to wear at Brittney's party!" I said as I continued digging through my enormous pile of clothes. I was throwing a lot of fabric out of some drawers but, can't seem to find any clothes that are worthy for Brittney's eyes.

(Marco's POV)

Star was throwing a lot of clothes all over her room. It was a complete disorganize mess! I mean, yeah sure I'm a neat freak but, this is too much!

"Star! I think you need to stop this. We all know that Brittney's just gonna pull out a prank behind your back and-" suddenly a pair of leggings went flying in my face.

"STAR!" I can feel my face heat up as I threw away her leggings and tried to hide my face in front of Star out of embarassment.

"Opps! I'm sorry Marco!" she stopped what she was doing and walks towards me.

I felt Star's hands held mine and slowly uncovers face. And now... she's staring at me... this is... weird...

"Marco?" she made a sincere smile.

"Ugh! I-It's okay. Now, can we just go downstairs and eat something?" I tried to hide my red cheeks from her and just saw her giggling at me. Aw man! So much humiliation. But then, I felt my lips curved upwards. I found myself smiling. Strange...

(Star's POV)

I closed the door to my room and started walking downstairs along with Marco. I saw Marco puts his hoodie on to hide his face. He looked cute when he's all embarassed like that.

At the dinner table. Everyone was having conversation like how was our day at school, and here I am playing with my food and still thinking about the party. Marco tooked notice of it and when we were done eating dinner, I decided to sit on the couch at the living room and think for a moment.

"What to do... The dress must be exquisite, beautiful, and over-all appealing... But, where can I find something like that?" I put my both hands on my cheeks as if I was gonna give up searching.

"You can always wear what you usually wear everyday"

I stared up to see Marco. He then sat next to me and puts a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't be affected on everything that Brittney has told you and everything that she will tell you in the future. All of the clothes that you wear everyday, those things represents who you truly are. You can't let anyone change who you are on the inside and the outside. You are fine just the way you are." He made a sincere smile.

His smile... it felt so warm.

"I know. Thanks Marco." I gave him a gentle smile. I felt my cheeks getting hot and tried to look away from Marco.

"Good. Now, don't stay up all night looking for clothes okay?" he said jokingly.

"I know! I know!" I chuckled.

After talking, Marco went upstairs and went to his room to sleep. I was left here in the living room to think for half-an hour now.

~Diaz's Residence (9:15 p.m.)~

The Diaz's were already asleep. I went back to my room and cleaned up my mess. I drop my tired body in bed and stared at the ceiling as I let out a little sigh.

"At this rate, I might end up not showing my face at Brittney's party. Maybe... Maybe Marco was right." I looked outside my window and stared at the Stars. It felt ironic though. I stared at them as they twinkle in the night sky. 'You are fine just the way you are.' Those words Marco gave me kept replaying on my head.


I thought about what Marco said earlier at the living room. I'm glad Marco was there to cheer me up. He's the best of all the best friends I ever had besides Pony Head. There was something about him that I couldn't lay a finger on. Hehe... Maybe because we're just that close best friends...

I went back to bed and scratched my head in irritation. "I made up my mind! Maybe I should—" I gasp as I forgot... that I'm a magical princess from another dimension and possesses a powerful item known in the whole universe.

"Uh duh!" I pulled out my magic wand under my pillow and stood up to think for the right spell that won't end up exploding myself.

"Hmmm... let's see.. something 'appealing' and will not make me look old... Hmm..." I walk back and forth on the side of my bed. I snapped my finger and finally got a perfect spell. I went into position.

"This probably won't explode." I said as I waved my magic wand before shouting the magic spell.

"Magical Time Youth Appealer!"

~BOOM!~ *large explosion of glitters covered her whole room*

~(In Star's Subconscious)~

I found myself on the floor all dizzy. This is weird... Everything went blank... I tried to focus my eyes and rub my head. I felt my hands... my hands... I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. My hands... were small... and what is this strange feeling? Like, I have the urge to just... play...

(Marco's POV)

~At Marco's Bedroom~


"What!? WHAAAA?!" I jumped up from my bed from the sound of what I think is an explosion.

"Ugh..." I faceplam. "Star must still be searching for clothes." I jumped out of my bed and walked straight towards Star's room.

"Star? What's going on in there?" I ask as I knock on her door, but there was no response.

"I'm coming in!" I gently opened Star's door. As I opened it, a fog of glitters escapes from her room. I slowly went inside Star's room. It was dark inside. I guess the explosion caused the lights to explode as well. I tried searching for Star in this dark room. I used my sense of touch in finding my way to her bed.

"Star? Where are you?" I made it to her bed, but she was not there. Then suddenly, I found a little glow under her blanket. It was her magic wand, but Star was still nowhere in sight.

"Uhh... Star?" I was about to reach for her wand when I heard a sound from this dark room.

"Who's there!?" I went into my karate position as I ready myself to whatever made that sound. It might know where Star is.

"Show yourself! Where's Star!? Where did you took her!?" I asked as if I was talking to myself.

I used my sense of hearing in searching to whoever is inside this room. Suddenly, I heard something coming right at me. As I prepared to attack... something fast pounced on my face.



"WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" I tried to run around in circles for 'it' to let go of my face.


"Huh?" what the... a giggle?

I stopped running and just grabbed the 'thing' that was on my face. Then I opened the door so the light from the hallway can come in. I took a close look on what i was holding. My eyes went wide...


"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" I accidentally dropped what I was holding because of shock.

"Aww! That really hurts!"

I can't believe what I'm seing right now.


The thing that pounced on my face was non other than Star. I stared at her longer. She was 3ft tall, wears a small sky blue dress, little devil horn headband and her hair tied into ponytails.

"What happened to you Star!? Y-you're a... Kid!" I grabbed my head in shock.

"Mawco!" Star got up from being drop and started running towards me.

"This isn't happening! This isn't happening!" I thought in panic as I stared at Star's new form.

"Hugs!" she quickly pounced on my left leg and hugging it.

"This... is bad..."

~Somewhere in another dimension~

A guy with blue skin, black hair and green eyes came running towards a dark room, "MY LORD! We finally received some new readings!"

A shadow with glowing yellow eyes sitting in a giant throne stared at his servant, "Oh? Is it... 'The One'?"

"I think so my lord! The readings are off the charts! This must be what we've been looking for after 1,000 years!"

"Finally!" the shadow then stood up. "The time has come for me to come out of hiding."

"But, my lord! Not just yet!" the servant said as he pulled out a giant scroll.

"What do you mean not yet? Is there gonna be any disturbance on my plans?"

"Apparently, yes." The servant then opens the scroll.

The scroll contains a drawing of a girl holding an orb and has many writings on the side of it.

"According to the scroll, the creature that holds the power of eternal youth is somewhat guarded by a powerful force. You can't literally go head on because..."

"Because I'm weak?"

"No! No my lord! You are the most powerful being in the whole universe. Its just that..."

The dark shadow moves closely to his servant, revealing his hands that are almost at its bone stage.

"I know, my servant. That's why I needed that eternal youth" he walks back at the darkness again.

"What should we do now my lord?"

"The readings... In what dimension did you found the readings from?"

"From the dimension called 'Earth' my lord"

"Very well then. Send in my servant 'Ven' to go encognito on that dimension and keep an eye on the eternal youth."

"Yes my lord as you command" his servant then left the room.

"I will finally get my hands on eternal youth. And nothing can stop me... from getting revenge in this pathetic universe."

~I t was suppose to be a 1 chapter story but I ended up adding more. XD I'm sorry if my grammar is a bit weak. English is not really my primary language. I'm still learning. I need more progress. But still, I'm glad y'all reading this fic. ^_^ Chapter 2 coming soon. You will see this at If y'all wanna see future artworks of this fanfic, come visit my tumblr if you want.~


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