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Long live Jimmy Two Shoes!
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Random Stuff Again by MarionetteJ2X
Random Stuff Again
Drew this for fun. Another collage for :icontristaniomercedez: (The one on the left) featuring his OC Shien (The one on the right) and his new OC Tanjiro (The one on top of the maid). Yeah i know i'm in a maid costume... where's the fun in that? XD
My Little Puppet by MarionetteJ2X
My Little Puppet
So, up until now i still can't get over Bipper. I keep making sketches about him! XD Maybe I just like how Dipper wear that outfit with Bill's craziness on the side. Makes him more.... <3
Gravity Falls - Giffany by MarionetteJ2X
Gravity Falls - Giffany
I saw the episode "Soos And The Real Girl" about 3 weeks ago and try to do Giffany. XD I can't believe I drew this but, here you go... XD

"Love me or DIE!!!!" or "Be mine or ELSE!!!" XD can't keep it in my head any longer. XD


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Bernadette Demegillo
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm Bernadette and i really love to draw... It's been my hobby when i was still in elementary.


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So, our prof at school ask us to make our own topic for Oral Recitation. I was thinking of having a topic about the 'Universe'. I'm just going to put it here and ask for your opinion of you think of it. I need your comments so..... here i go... >_<

"The Universe"
by: Bernadette T. Demegillo a.k.a :iconmarionettej2x:

SPACE!.... Ever wonder what is out there? Ever wonder if there are other life forms on that far out distance? Any other terrestrial planets out there? Who knows. Nobody knows, actually. Planets, stars, constellations, galaxies are all compiled in one, i mean one black space we called universe. The universe is very mysterious. Do the questions 'how was it created?', 'what force created it?', 'why is it created?' still lingers into your mind?

The home we called earth is one of the small parts of the universe. Yet, we all considered it a really big thing. Literally, it's huge. Earth is a very special planet, where humans, animals, and plants live. Outside earth are the other lifeless planets yet, their beauty keeps it alive. The planets are all orbiting the sun, the center of the solar system. I consider the sun as one of my favorite stars in the whole galaxy. Stars, are like decorations in the night sky. It gives the darkness and nothingness in space, that wonderful light in the night sky. I ever wonder what's keeping them all glowing so bright and beautiful. The universe is been around here for like forever and it's expanding. Do you wonder if their are other lifeforms like aliens? Those extraterrestrial beings that we humans always thought of as 'little green men'. Still, no one knows if there are such things. Their are a lot of things that scientists haven't discovered in space. Who knows, maybe some far out galaxy, life exist with different kinds of human, animals, and plants.

The End.... I think...

CRAP! i hate it when i'm so bad at my English...  =_=;; *bonks head in the desk*

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